19AW 14.5オンスセルビッヂデニムフーディーN-1デッキジャケット / 14.5onz denim hoodie N-1 deck jacket

≪FURY 2019 Autumn & Winter collection≫
2nd Line up
Title : Forester
No. FURY-19AW-JK008
Item name : 14.5onz denim N-1 hoodie deck jacket

商品説明 : 14.5オンスのセルビッヂデニムを使用したフード付きN-1 デッキジャケットとなります。

Product Description: N-1 deck jacket with hood using 14.5 ounces of selvedge denim.
The dead stock Garabou fabric that is not available now is used for the lining, so it gently and warmly wraps you up.
I use selvedge on the hood tip, back of the hem, look back and cuffs.
At the neck, Hiroshima Prefecture's last horizontal embroidery craftsman, Tadao Yamashita, put a new FURY motif.
The cuffs are not used with ribs, so they don't become sticky even if you wear sweaty or hoody clothes that are bulky.
The front button is a change button that faithfully reproduces a vintage button in Europe, and Woody Pearl is used for the chest.

Length : 27.5inch
shoulder Length : 17.3inch
Width : 22.8inch
Hem : 22.4inch
Sleeve Length : 26.3inch
cuff : 5.9inch
Arm hole : 19.6inch
Side pocket opening : 5.5inch

着丈 : 70cm
肩幅 : 44cm
身幅 : 58cm
すそ幅 : 57cm
袖丈 : 67cm
袖口 : 15cm
アームホール : 50cm
脇ポケット口 : 14cm

¥ 88,000





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