19SS コットンリネンタイプライターイージーショートパンツ / Cotton linen type writer easy short pants

≪FURY 2019 Spring Summer collection≫
2nd line up
Theme : 【BIAS】
Title : Locate
No. FURY-19SS-PT004
Item name : Cotton linen type writer easy short pants

商品説明 : 綿70%、麻30%のタイプライター生地を使用したイージーパンツ になります。

Product Description: Easy short pants made of 70% cotton and 30% hemp typewriter fabric.
The width of the movement is held to the limit by including the saruel element which had a tension feeling of cloth and a comfortable space in the crotch part.
We use a shiny silver nylon fabric as a design, and hem is finished with piping.
Side pocket adopts seam pocket.
After sewing, wash with high temperature and dry in the sun to remove the glue of the fabric, so please enjoy the feeling of tension without disgust.

waist : 23.6〜35.4inch
Total Length: 17inch
Inseam : 5.5 inch
rise : 11.8inch
Hem : 12.2inch
Hip : 47.2inch
Side pocket opening : 6.5inch
Back pocket opening : 5.7inch

ウエスト : 60〜90cm
総丈 : 43cm
股下 : 14cm
股上 : 30cm
ヒップ : 120cm
裾口 : 31cm
脇ポケット口 : 16.5cm
後ポケット口 : 14.5cm

30%OFF¥ 12,000

¥ 8,400





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