19SS カラフルネップパッチワークショートパンツ / Colorful nep patch work short pants

≪FURY 2019 Spring Summer collection≫
2nd line up
Theme : 【BIAS】
Title : Hikari
No. FURY-19SS-PT007
Item name : Colorful nep patch work short pants

商品説明 : 綿100%のカラフルなネップ入りチノ生地で構成されたパッチワークショートパンツとなります。

Product Description: A patchwork short made of 100% cotton and a colorful nep Chino fabric.
We randomly joined the fabric cut to the specified width and made the patchwork fabric, then cut and sewed.
The back and forth of the fabric which is characterized by multicolored neps, and the bandana fabric, the indigo sashiko fabric, etc. were sewed in at random.
After sewing the ball bio processing has been completed and a gentle fit and a unique look.

Price : $267.95-(USD) / ¥30000-(JPY)

waist : 34.6inch
Total Length: 17.3inch
Inseam : 7.8inch
rise : 10.2inch
Hip : 47.2inch
Hem : 10.2inch
Side pocket opening : 6.7inch
Back pocket opening① : 5.9inch
Back pocket opening② : 3.9inch

ウエスト : 88cm
総丈 : 44cm
股下 : 20cm
股上 : 26cm
ヒップ : 120cm
裾口 : 26cm
脇ポケット口 : 17cm
後ポケット口① : 15cm
後ポケット口② : 10cm

20%OFF¥ 30,000

¥ 24,000





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