20SS 刺し子風インディゴドビーシャツ / Sashiko like indigo dobbie shirts

≪FURY 2020 Spring & Summer collection≫
Concept : -PREJUDICE-
Title : Gritty
No. FURY-20SS-SH007
Item name : Sashiko like indigo dobbie shirts

商品説明 : 刺し子風に見えるドビー織り生地を使用したロングスリーブシャツです。

Product Description : It is a long sleeve shirt using a dobby weaving fabric that looks like a sashiko, which is designed to increase the depth after processing by combining two yarns of strength and weakness dyed black with a sulfur dye on the weft and indigo on the warp. We are.
On the chest pocket, we asked Hiroshima Prefecture's last vibrating embroidery craftsman, ≪Tadao Yamashita≫, for a new FURY motif.
Inspired by biker fashion, the new unique armhole pattern brings out your movements with maximum stress.
The sleeves are combined with denim ears that have been bias-cut with a separate fabric, and the awakening orange mesh fabric is used for the joints to provide breathability.
The motif is printed on the back yoke by inkjet printing.
All buttons are dot buttons, and products are washed by ball bio processing after sewing.

着丈 / Length : 72cm
肩幅 / Shoulder length : 46cm
袖丈 / Sleeve length : 62cm
身幅 / Width : 56cm
すそ幅 / Hem : 56cm
袖口 / Cuff : 10cm
アームホール / Arm hole : 50cm
脇ポケット口 / Side pocket opening :

¥ 38,000





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