20SS 硫化染め綿麻Tシャツ / Sulfide dyeing cotton linen T-shirts / Ink brown

≪FURY 2020 Spring & Summer collection≫
Concept : -PREJUDICE-
Title : Narrow view
No. FURY-20SS-CS002
Item name : Sulfide dyeing cotton linen T-shirts / Ink brown

商品説明 : 硫化染料にて生地染めした綿50%、麻50%のネップ入りニット生地を使用したT-シャツになります。

Product Description: T-shirt using 50% cotton and 50% hemp knitted fabric with sulfur dye.
It features a soft texture like a towel with a nep feeling woven with a double beam loom.
The common fabric and woven core are cut to bias without using the common ribs around the neck, so there is elasticity, so that there is no slack around the neck even when worn.
The combination of Awakening Orange Mesh under the sleeves allows for a color scheme as an alternate color, as well as breathability.
The motif is printed on the cut-off slake by inkjet printing, and the edges of the fabric are painted with rubber ink by hand to prevent fraying.
It is an art piece that incorporates the FURY character while incorporating the background of the times.

着丈 / Length : 77cm
肩幅 / Shoulder length : 53cm
袖丈 / Sleeve length : 29cm
身幅 / Width : 58cm
すそ幅 / Hem : 62cm
袖口 / Cuff : 18cm
アームホール / Arm hole : 52cm

¥ 20,000





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