20SS コットン100%フランネルショートパンツ / Cotton 100% flannel short pants / Green

≪FURY 2020 Spring & Summer collection≫
Concept : -PREJUDICE-
Title : Rub
No. FURY-20SS-PT008
Item name : Cotton 100% flannel short pants / Green

商品説明 : フランネル仕上げのコットン100%の生地を使ったショートパンツになります。

Product description: Short pants made of 100% cotton fabric with flannel finish.
The brushed surface of this fabric is moderately firm and features a moist and smooth feel.
By combining fabric-washed denim, the depth of the color scheme changes over time with each wear and changes the look.
The side pockets are frisco-type to show beautifully without stitching, and the rear pockets are riveted using denim ears.
The crotch part is made of a vintage compression knit with Saruel specifications, so it can respond to flexible movements.
Above the back pocket, we asked the embroidery craftsman 《Tadao Yamashita》for the FURY motif.
And by combining FURY's own gusset fabric specifications with awakening orange on the side hem, the work has a new FURY world feeling.

ウエスト / Waist : 86cm
総丈 / Total length : 44cm
股下 / Inseam : 18.5cm
股上 / Rise : 27cm
ヒップ / Hip : 112cm
わたり / Thigh : 33.5cm
裾口 / Hem : 27cm
脇ポケット口 / Side pocket opening : 15cm
後ポケット口 / Back pocket opening : 14cm

¥ 22,000





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