20SS 刺し子風インディゴドビーニッカーボッカーズ / Sashiko like indigo dobbie knickerbockers

≪FURY 2020 Spring & Summer collection≫
Concept : -PREJUDICE-
Title : Bond
No. FURY-20SS-PT001
Item name : Sashiko like indigo dobbie knickerbockers

商品説明 : 刺し子風に見えるドビー織り生地と12オンスのデニムを組み合わせたFURY独自のニッカーボッカーズになります。

Product Description: FURY's original Knickerbockers combining a dobby woven fabric that looks like sashiko and 12 oz denim.
Using a dobby woven fabric with a sashiko look designed to increase the depth after processing by combining a yarn dyed black with sulfur dye on the weft and a yarn of two strengths dyed indigo on the warp yarn in a sashiko style.
FURY's original Knickerbockers The ultimate tapered silhouette weaves with a comfortable thigh, round side pockets, bias cut to have a range of motion, cloth and openable knee parts, compression knit that adheres like leggings It will be a classic pants that realized.
Above the back pocket, we asked Hiroshima's last embroiderer, 《Tadao Yamashita》, for the FURY logo motif.
Combined with Awakening Orange Mesh on the back of the knee for breathability.
The front has a change button and a zipper specification. After sewing, the product is washed by ball bioprocessing.

ウエスト / Waist : 86cm
総丈 / Total length : 100cm
股下 / Inseam : 72cm
股上 / Rise : 27cm
ヒップ / Hip : 116cm
わたり / Thigh : 36cm
膝幅 / Knee : 24.5cm
裾口 / Hem : 15.5cm
脇ポケット口 / Side pocket opening : 17cm
後ポケット口 / Back pocket opening : 13.5cm

¥ 40,000







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