20SS 刺し子風インディゴドビーキモノシャツ / Sashiko like indigo dobbie kimono shirts

≪FURY 2020 Spring & Summer collection≫
Concept : -PREJUDICE-
Title : Stronger
No. FURY-20SS-SH001
Item name : Sashiko like indigo dobbie kimono shirts

商品説明 : 刺し子風に見えるドビー織り生地と12オンスのデニムを組み合わせた着物型のシャツになります。

Product Description: A kimono-type shirt that combines a dobby woven fabric that looks like a sashiko and 12 oz denim.
Using a dobby woven fabric with a sashiko look designed to increase the depth after processing by combining a yarn dyed black with sulfur dye on the weft and a yarn of two strengths dyed indigo on the warp yarn in a sashiko style We are.
In the left sleeve armband part, we asked Hiroshima's last embroiderer 《Tadao Yamashita》 for a motif that combines a peace mark and a hazard mark.
A new motif is iknjet-printed on the plush back yoke, and denim fabric is dropped on the placket and sewed with a sewing machine to create a beautiful finish.
We use double woven stretch sashiko fabric for the side pockets.
Sleek and awakening orange mesh are sewn to the underside of the sleeves and under arms in a biased manner to extend the range of motion and combine breathability.
The placket has a hook, and the pocket mouth is riveted.
After sewing, the products are washed by ball bio processing.

着丈 / Length : 72cm
肩幅 / Shoulder length : 59.5cm
袖丈 / Sleeve length : 45.5cm
身幅 / Width : 64cm
すそ幅 / Hem : 61cm
袖口 / Cuff : 16.5cm
アームホール / Arm hole : 45cm
脇ポケット口 / Side pocket opening : 15.5cm

¥ 45,000







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