20SS クレイジーミックスパーツミリタリーフーディージャケット / Crazy mix parts military hoodie jacket

≪FURY 2020 Spring & Summer collection≫
Concept : -PREJUDICE-
Title : Disengage
No. FURY-20SS-JK001
Item name : Crazy mix parts military hoodie jacket

商品説明 : 10オンスブラックデニム、インディゴ刺し子生地、ラバーコーテイングサテン生地、12オンスインディゴデニム、バンダナ生地、平織りブラック生地、インクバックサテン生地を各パーツに使用したミリタリーラグランフーディージャケットになります。

Product Description: Military raglan hoody jacket using 10oz black denim, indigo sashiko fabric, rubber coated satin fabric, 12oz indigo denim, bandana fabric, plain weave black fabric, ink back satin fabric for each part.
This work, which deepened the design by sticking to the arrangement of the fabric, became a work that can only be done with Ittenmono work.
In the front yoke part, we asked the embroidery craftsman 《Tadao Yamashita》 for the FURY motif, and in the back body we expressed the resurrection of St. Peter expressed by 19AW embroidery with ink-jet printing.
The front pleats have inner pleats to extend the range of motion around the waist, and three-dimensional pockets are sewn on the front body so that they can be used naturally without bending the elbows.
The button adopts a cow bone button, and the product is washed by ball bio processing after sewing.

着丈 / Length : 68cm
裄丈 / Sleeve length : 76cm
身幅 / Width : 59cm
すそ幅 / Hem : 57cm
袖口 / Cuff : 13cm
アームホール / Arm hole : 48cm
脇カーゴポケット口 / Side cargo pocket opening : 14cm

¥ 48,000





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