20SS 硫化染めクレイジーパターンストライプショートパンツ / Sulfide dyeing crazy pattern short pants

≪FURY 2020 Spring & Summer collection≫
Concept : -PREJUDICE-
Title : Merge
No. FURY-20SS-PT004
Item name : Sulfide dyeing crazy pattern short pants

商品説明 : 幅、規格の番う3種類のインディゴストライプ生地を組み合わせたFURY独自のニッカーボッカーズショートパンツになります。

Product description: FURY's original Knickerbockers shorts that combine three types of indigo stripe fabrics that match the width and standard.
After randomly cutting the indigo stripe fabric with parts, the sampling motif
We succeeded in working on the ultimate exclusive item by combining ink with a thin slake and inkjet printing.
FURY's original Knickerbockers pattern has been dropped into shorts.
Change buttons on the front, zipper specifications, rivets on each pocket opening.
Gradient bleaching from below the knee to 30cm after sewing
It was dyed navy.
It is the ultimate exclusive item with various stripes sunk in navy that emerge from the plain.

ウエスト / Waist : 86cm
総丈 / Total length : 48cm
股下 / Inseam : 21cm
股上 / Rise : 26cm
ヒップ / Hip : 98cm
わたり / Thigh : 34.5cm
裾口 / Hem : 24cm
脇ポケット口 / Side pocket opening : 17cm
後ポケット口 / Back pocket opening : 13cm

¥ 32,000





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