19AW 硫化染め刺し子ニッカーボッカーズ / Sulfide dyeing sashiko knickerbockers

≪FURY 2019 Autumn & Winter collection≫
2nd Line up
Title : Strike
No. FURY-19AW-PT005
Item name : Sulfide dyeing sashiko knickerbockers

商品説明 : 生地の時点で硫化染料で生地染めを加工してから縫製に取り組んだニッカーボッカーズとなります。

Product Description: After processing the fabric dyeing with sulfur dye at the time of the fabric, it will become the Knickerbockers who worked on sewing.
The history of this pants, which refers to Dutch immigrants, has been transformed into various forms.
FURY's original interpretation, which has been developed from this term, has finally completed a pattern that has lost its view.
The side pockets are designed to allow for a rounded shape with plenty of space, combined with parts that have been cut with a bias to give the thighs a large margin and a range of motion at the knees, and can be opened and closed with a separate cloth.
From calf to hem, 100% cotton compression compression knit is used to make it adhere like leggings.
12 ounce denim is used for pocket fabric, rear yoke and flap, and knee opening and closing. Another 14.5 ounce denim is used for the pocket fabric, and it has various color schemes.
Experience the new standard of FURY and the answers, which are designed to relieve the stress of wearing, made of indigo denim, and the beauty of the silhouette.

waist : 35.4inch
Total Length: 39.3inch
Inseam : 28.3inch
rise : 10.6inch
Hem : 5.9inch
Thigh : 13.7inch
Knee : 9.4inch
Side pocket opening : 6.6inch
Back pocket opening : 5.3inch

ウエスト : 90cm
総丈 : 100cm
股下 : 72cm
股上 : 27cm
わたり : 35cm
裾口 : 15cm
膝幅 : 24cm
脇ポケット口 : 17cm
後ポケット口 : 13.5cm

¥ 40,000







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