19AW メランジツイードフーディーN-1デッキコート / Melange tweed hoodie N-1 deck coat

≪FURY 2019 Autumn & Winter collection≫
2nd Line up
No. FURY-19AW-JK009
Item name : Melange tweed N-1 hoodie deck coat

商品説明 : スコットランドのアウターヘブリディーズ諸島産のバージンウールを100%使用したメランジツイード生地を贅沢に使用したN-1 デッキコートになります。

Product Description: N-1 deck coat with 100% wool melange tweed.
Using a blanket as a bedding instead of an apparel textile bore on the lining changes the perspective of pursuing fundamental warmth.
The bore of this work is wrapped in a smooth sensation like a blanket when sleeping.
Unlike the tweed piece that uses 12 ounces of denim at the hood connection and pockets, the entire expression can be enjoyed for a long time.
The armband part of the left sleeve is printed with the concept of the season by decolorizing the denim by manual work.
Ribs are used on the cuffs to prevent the intrusion of cold air, and the tweed and bedding bores are cold enough to be able to handle with a T-shirt even in midwinter.
The button uses a change button that faithfully reproduces the European vintage button.
This is the most confident work this season.

Price : $965.51-(USD) / ¥105000-(JPY)

Length : 34.2inch
shoulder Length : 18.8inch
Width : 23.6inch
Hem : 22.4inch
Sleeve Length : 25.1inch
cuff : 5.9inch
Arm hole : 21.2inch
Side pocket opening : 5.9inch

着丈 : 87cm
肩幅 : 48cm
身幅 : 60cm
すそ幅 : 57cm
袖丈 : 64cm
袖口 : 15cm
アームホール : 54cm
脇ポケット口 : 15cm

¥ 105,000





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