19AW インディゴ刺し子キモノジャケット / Indigo sashiko kimono jacket

≪FURY 2019 Autumn & Winter collection≫
2nd Line up
Title : Immorality
No. FURY-19AW-JK004
Item name : Indigo sashiko kimono jacket

商品説明 : 2重ビーム織機で織られたインディゴ刺し子生地と12オンスデニムで構成されたキモノジャケットになります。

Product Description: A kimono jacket made of indigo sashiko fabric woven with a double beam machine and 12 ounce denim.
We use vintage boa for lining and use all denim's selvedge on the back side of the collar.
The side pockets are made of stretch-based sashiko fabric, making it an elastic accent, and the back center combines a dobby sashiko and brand name.
The front is a hook specification without using a button.
The work is packed with kimono molds, sashiko, indigo, and Japanese culture.

Length : 26.3inch
shoulder Length : 23.6inch
Width : 24.4inch
Hem : 22.8inch
Sleeve Length : 18.8inch
cuff : 6.2inch
Arm hole : 15.7inch
Side pocket opening : 6.2inch

着丈 : 67cm
肩幅 : 60cm
身幅 : 62cm
すそ幅 : 58cm
袖丈 : 48cm
袖口 : 16cm
アームホール : 40m
脇ポケット口 : 16cm

¥ 72,000





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