19AWコットン100%ボートネックスウェット / Cotton 100% boat neck sweatshirts

≪FURY 2019 Autumn & Winter collection≫
1st Line up
Title : Flatten
No. FURY-19AW-SW001
Item name : Cotton 100% boat neck sweatshirts

商品説明 : 綿100%の30/10コーマ裏毛ニットを使用したボートネックスウェットになります。

Product Description: 100% cotton 30/10 combed fleece knit using boat neck sweat.
  It has been assembled so that it can be worn comfortably and without stress, with a relaxed width and narrow sleeves.
  The biggest feature is the work of British graffiti artist [BANKSY] printed on the front.
  Banksy is a masked artist based in London, England.It takes the technique of drawing social satirical graffiti art and street art around the world like a guerrilla.Banksy himself is trying to hide his profile and has many unclear points, including his real name.
  An artist who continued to draw in various places without his permission.
  Ironically and respectfully allowed him to use his unauthorized art without permission.
  No one can imitate, and it will be one of the very best in the world.

Length : 28.7inch
shoulder Length : 18.8inch
Width : 24.4inch
Hem : 25.1inch
Sleeve Length : 24inch
cuff : 4.7inch
Arm hole : 18.8inch

着丈 : 73cm
肩幅 : 48cm
身幅 : 62cm
すそ幅 : 64cm
袖丈 : 61cm
袖口 : 12cm
アームホール : 48cm

¥ 28,000





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