19AW コットン高密度平織りワイドシャツ / High density plain weave cotton wide shirts

≪FURY 2019 Autumn & Winter collection≫
1st Line up
Title : Heart
No. FURY-19AW-SH003
Item name : High density plain weave cotton wide shirts

商品説明 : 高密度の張りのある綿100%の平織り生地を使用した少しワイドフィットで構成されたシャツとなります。

Product Description: A shirt with a slightly wide fit using 100% cotton plain weave fabric with high density tension.
In order to find a new concept of FURY classic shirts, it will be composed of patterns that have been created through repeated trial and error.
By creating a three-dimensional feeling in the armhole, we eliminate the tension that occurs when raising and lowering the arm and create a pattern that usually fits and sinks well, creating a beautiful silhouette with a feeling of falling.
By narrowing down the cuffs a little, we aimed to make it more comfortable to wear than by wearing a wide width and hem at the bottom.
The motif printed on the sleeve armband is printed on the chlorine-decolored denim fabric and expresses a feeling of rubbing by washing.
At the time of guardianship, we sewed fabric with a big motif and applied rubber coating to prevent the uncut fabric from fraying.
The collar has a shape that incorporates shawl collar elements, and is designed to cover the neck cleanly when you stand up.
All buttons use shell buttons.

Length : 29.1〜33inch
shoulder Length : 17.7inch
Width : 23.2inch
Hem : 25.9inch
Sleeve Length : 24.4inch
cuff : 4.7inch
Arm hole : 20.4inch
Side pocket opening : 4.7inch

着丈 : 74〜84cm
肩幅 : 45cm
身幅 : 59cm
すそ幅 : 66cm
袖丈 : 62cm
袖口 : 12cm
アームホール : 52cm
脇ポケット口 : 12cm

¥ 30,000





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