19SS コットンインディゴメッシュVネックTシャツ / Cotton indigo mesh V neck T-shirts

≪FURY 2019 Spring Summer collection≫
2nd line up
Theme : 【BIAS】
Title : Morning
No. FURY-19SS-SH003
Item name : Cotton indigo mesh V neck T-shirts

商品説明 : 綿100%のインディゴメッシュ織りの生地を使用したVネックティーシャツです。

Product Description: V-neck tee shirt made of 100% cotton indigo mesh fabric.
As we take tack in the front body center and use pattern with width to width and do both sides and both sleeves with slit specifications, we do composition that does not disturb movement more.
The vividness was added in the depth of the indigo by using the vintage aloha of morning glory pattern as a separate cloth.
We prevent it from tearing by sewing the Bingo Kasuri fabric in the slit part on both sides.
The back and chest pockets are designed with a solid ear and a design in plain.
After sewing, wash at 40℃ and dry with tumbler, so the glue is dropped and it has a soft touch.

Body length(front) : 30inch
Body length(back) : 31.8inch
shoulder width : 18.5inch
Body width : 22.8inch
Hem : 22inch
Sleeve length : 11inch
cuff : 6.2inch
Arm hole : 20.4inch
Breast pocket opening : 4.7inch

着丈(前身頃) : 76cm
着丈(後身頃) : 81cm
肩幅 : 47cm
身幅 : 58cm
すそ幅 : 56cm
袖丈 : 28cm
袖口 : 16cm
アームホール(ぐるりで) : 52cm
胸ポケット口 : 12cm

20%OFF¥ 16,000

¥ 12,800





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