19SS 綿ナイロンプルオーバーマウンテンパーカー / Nylon cotton mountain pullover parker

≪FURY 2019 Spring Summer collection≫
1st line up
Theme : 【BIAS】
Title : Falcon
No. FURY-19SS-JK002
Item name : Nylon cotton mountain pullover parker

商品説明 : 高密度糸で平織りした2種類のナイロン混のコットン生地を使用した防水加工を施したマウンテンプルオーバーパーカーとなります。

Product Description: This item is Mountain pullover parka with waterproof treatment using two types of nylon mixed cotton fabric plain weaved with high density thread.
Based on a fabric with no stretchy strength, a place where you want to have a range of motion is created by combining fabrics that have stretch feeling.
The sewing pattern remodeled the pullover type and combined the big pocket and the side pocket with the waist part.
The hood part succeeded in expressing its own silhouette by weaving the end.
The sleeve part was made into a beautiful silhouette that becomes thinner towards the cuffs using the slide sleeve pattern of FURY's classic style.
On the back of the cuffs and side of the sleeve, it has a glossy silver nylon fabric and also functions as a reflector.
Equipped with a big pocket in the waist part, by taking a tack, it was designed to have a sense of three-dimensional, drape, sewn seam pockets on both sides and attached accent with round bar tack
It became a flexible piece that fits outdoor style and urban style as well.
Please enjoy with mountain pants and setup.

Body length : 30inch
shoulder width : 18inch
Body width : 26inch
Hem : 23inch
Sleeve length : 24inch
cuff : 4.5inch
Arm hole : 19.6inch
Side pocket opening : 4.7inch

着丈 : 77cm
肩幅 : 46cm
身幅 : 66cm
すそ幅 : 59cm
袖丈 : 61cm
袖口 : 11.5cm
アームホール(ぐるりで) : 50cm
脇ポケット口 : 12cm

30%OFF¥ 30,000

¥ 21,000





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