19SS 甘織り綿麻キモノシャツ / Loose weave linen cotton kimono shirts

≪FURY 2019 Spring Summer collection≫
1st line up
Theme : 【BIAS】
Title : Symmetry
No. FURY-19SS-SH002
Item name : Loose weave linen cotton kimono shirts

商品説明 : 甘織の綿麻生地で構成されたベーシックなキモノシャツとなります。

Product Description: It will be a basic Kimono shirt composed of loose weave cotton linen.
This project started with fabric dyed started with seeking the best blue gray.
We repeatedly tried the test repeatedly and completed the best blue gray with sulfur dye.
Since it is a dyeing with a sulfur dye, it will fade away so you can enjoy aging.
The sewing pattern used a basic Kimono style shirt, we made a semicircle in side pockets and collar band from the hem side to the sleeve tip with a plain weave cotton fabric mixed with nylon and sewn it in.
In the back yoke we are sewing brand name using Bingo Kasuri.
The biggest feature is a piece mark made up of patchwork fabric sewn to the back waist hem.
Please enjoy one piece of commitment not in the world with shorts and setup.

Body length : 28.7inch
shoulder width : 25.5inch
Body width : 27.5inch
Hem : 25.5inch
Sleeve length : 18.1inch
cuff : 14.1inch
Arm hole : 19.6inch
Side pocket opening : 5.9inch

着丈 : 73cm
肩幅 : 65cm
身幅 : 70cm
すそ幅 : 65cm
袖丈 : 46cm
袖口 : 36cm
アームホール(ぐるりで) : 50cm
脇ポケット口 : 15cm

¥ 28,000







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