19MW メランジツイードトートバッグ / Melange tweed tote bag

≪FURY 2019 Mid Winter collection≫
Title : Fraction -horizontal-
No. FURY-19MW-ACC002
Item name : Melange tweed tote bag

商品説明 : メランジツイードで構成されたトートバッグです。

Product Description: It is a tote bag made up of melange tweed.
The biggest feature is a patch motif of the portrait of the great composer Tchaikovsky.
It is a work that expresses his lifetime by printing old age Tchaikovsky in black denim with chlorine decolorization.
Because the direction of ACC002 is strengthening chroline bleaching, it is a specification of a color close to white.
Lined and gusseted.

Price : $68.9-(USD) / ¥7500-(JPY)

Width : 20.4inch
Height : 17.7inch
Handle : 22.8inch
Pocket opening : 5.5inch
Pocket height : 6.2inch

幅 : 42cm
深さ : 40cm
持ち手 : 55cm
ポケット口 : 14cm
ポケット深さ : 16cm

50%OFF¥ 7,500

¥ 3,750





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